By definition, Surplus is something that remains above what is used; an amount greater than needed.  At Carde Blanche, we specialize in custom invitations for lifecycle events such as Weddings, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, Anniversaries and Birthdays.  We match colors, coordinate envelopes and embellishments, and always have enough supplies for unexpected additions to your guest list.

That being said, our surplus of supplies is starting to take over the space allocated.  We've decided to share these extras at a discounted price, as we know there are lots of designers and DIY'ers that may only need 25 Aubergine colored envelopes…not the entire box of 200.  Our surplus is ever changing, so if you see what you need, grab it before it's gone.

If you're note sure about the color, texture, or size, request a sample.  We'll send it to you free.  We know it's not only important that the colors match, but touching the actual product helps verify the quality.

Should you ever need a certain color envelope or ribbon, contact us here, because it's likely we have a surplus.  Until then, check out our current supply of Surplus items here.

Candidly yours,



The Monochromatic Collection

The Monochromatic Square.jpg

So sorry for the absence.  It's been a crazy few weeks.  Besides a quick visit to Spokane to take a college visit, we've been working hard on new custom orders and preparing for the launch of our new collection, Monochromatic.

Without a lot of fanfare we initially introduced Eti-Kits with our Valentine Collection. Etiquette as you may know it is the practices and forms prescribed by social convention.  A Carde Blanche Eti-Kit is the practice of putting pen to paper. We promote letter writing, list making, and artistic design using a variety of paper, pens, and embellishments.  Our collection Eti-Kits combine a variety of our favorite products at a reduced bundled price.  

Whether we are adding to the beauty or functionality of our desk, we are always striving to make it a better place to spend time.  A beautiful notebook is a must have for lists and design doodles, while a clean burning candle provides the ambiance necessary for a productive work day. Most of you already know about my pen obsession, so it won't surprise you if I explain that a Sherpa (the perfect case for your sharpie) is an absolute necessity.  For those of you who enjoy letter writing and receiving as much as I do, you'll be thrilled to see we are including sealing wax in each collection.  We're bringing old school back and this wax won't chip in the mail…we promise!

We are proud to introduce our new collection, Monochromatic, and the methodically designed Eti-Kits to keep you organized and encouraged to write, doodle, and make lists.

While we know these are going to make the most fabulous gifts, you must pick out one for yourself first.

Candidly yours,


Here are a few of our favorite Monochromatic Eti-Kits: Loving Ava  |  Say It or Seal It  |  Pen Envy  |  Desk Perfection


Friday Finds: Black and White

 This one is mine…can't tell you where to get it because then you'll buy it and we'll be twins.

This one is mine…can't tell you where to get it because then you'll buy it and we'll be twins.

We make choices on a daily basis.  We pick out our clothes, makeup, and if you're like me you ponder what pens to write with.  The choices we make for gifts and decorations for our home are endless.  There are trends to follow, Pinterest boards to covet, and dog-eared magazine pages in everyone’s home signifying personal favorites.

But, what is it with constantly defaulting to black and white?  I find myself drawn to these two options more often than not.  Is it because I’m tired of making difficult decisions or committing to a color?  Is it because I know these two will stand the test of time? Four out of five days a week, I’m wearing a different black or gray sweater. (I consider gray a just a variation to black.)  I just bought a new eye shadow from Dior and did a happy dance when I realized the container had a black lid, thinking to myself, “it’ll look good on and in my drawer.”  Am I totally crazy?  Don’t answer that.

  Available   here   at Carde Blanche

Available here at Carde Blanche

I find peace in a minimal decision making process.  I’ve committed to basic black as a default and have not been disappointed.  So why change? When deciding which Lafko Candles to add to the Carde Blanche desk collection, I secretly prayed the black and white options would not be offensive fragrances, as I have a very sensitive sniffer.  Crisis averted.  These two are by far the most popular among retailers…at least that’s what the sales rep said.  Just think of the variety of uses for those glass containers when the candle burns down (after 90+ hours).  Options = endless. Details in a future blog post.

B & W stuff.jpg

Whether it's gifts, notepads, pens or purses, if it’s any shade of black, consider it sold.  How about you?  What color(s) do you gravitate towards regardless of the trends?  Do tell.  It may help move me out of my monochromatic life (that I love).

Candidly yours,


Initial Stationery

The Lango Messenger

Dior Eye Shadow (Mirage Taupe)

Black Le Pen

Christian Lacroix Notebook

FRIDAY FINDS: A Rendezvous in Red

LOVE finds.jpg

Sing it a la Beyonce, "If ya like it, you don't have to put a ring on it!"  Isn't that right?  While diamonds are a girl's best friend (or so they say), we think there are lots of other ways into her heart.  Be creative.  Shop early.  Pledge your love in a card with your own handwritten message.  She'll love you to the moon and back.  In case you're not sure in what direction to go, we're giving you a head start with our personal favorites.  We can vouch for every single item here…and love them all.  She will too!

1. Dainty Heart Initial Necklace from LOVE ALWAYS COUTURE

2. Valentine Eti-Kit Hearts from CARDE BLANCHE

3. Valentine Eti-Kit Love Ya from CARDE BLANCHE

4. Travel Candles from SIMPLE CURATED

5. Heart Bundt Pan from WILLIAMS SONOMA

6. Chocolate Heart Scotchmallows from SEES CANDIES

7. Copic Red Glitter Pen from CARDE BLANCHE

8. Red Lambskin Tassel Keychain from BLAIR RITCHEY


10. Valentine Eti-Kit LIKE from CARDE BLANCHE