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About Lori

I believe in the hand written note. I believe in simplicity and that less is more. While technology keeps us current, I’ll never give up my love of pen and paper.  When asked my favorite color, I always say white. It's clean, crisp and calming. 

I believe that asking questions empowers you to put one foot in front of the other.  That you should never be ashamed about what you don't know, be proud that you have the courage to ask. I believe when in doubt we should adopt the Nike motto and "Just Do It." What do you have to lose except regret?

I believe in standing behind your authentic self. I wear short hair because I like it. Period. I enjoy re-introducing myself to people every time I change the color or style.  Besides, wearing short hair gives you a great excuse to buy more lip gloss. I'm a melting pot of classic sophistication, comfortable contemporary, with a dash of eclectic individuality. When getting dressed, I default to black, minimal patterns, and denim jeans. I think gray is the new black and that a great pair of shoes can transform any outfit.

I believe if you start your day with a bold cup of coffee and some yoga, everything else will fall into place.  Finally, I believe in karma...when one door closes it's because another one is meant to open.



|ˈkandid| adjective:  

Characterized by openness and sincerity of expression, unreservedly straightforwardness.  Not posed or rehearsed.