FRIDAY FINDS: Kits & Kaboodles

friday finds.jpg

I know the title just made you tingly inside…admit it.  That’s the very reason for this post.  What is it about kits, gift sets, goodies put together in one package that has most women swooning? I can tell you from experience I am sold on almost anything that comes in a ‘kit.’  It can be required that all parts come together or manufactured by a supplier as a marketing ploy.  Whatever the intention, kits sell. 

Here are some plausible reasons behind the popularity of kits:

  • someone else picked the very best items to be together in one set
  • we secretly think we’re getting a deal even if the packaging, items or ounces are smaller
  • there is something exciting about owning a ‘toolbox’ of sorts – with all the parts and pieces
  • we feel like Macgyver every time we open any type of kit

As far as I’m concerned, kits come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  But a guaranteed sale would certainly fall into one of these five categories:

kits & kaboodles-2.jpg

1. SKINCARE - Clarisonic at Nordstrom ($225): Includes Sonic device, gel cleanser, skin polish, additional brush head, body brush head, extension handle, travel bag, charger

2. OFFICE SUPPLIES - Desktop Set by Poppin ($51): Includes two letter trays, accessory tray, pencil cup and one box of 12 signature ballpoint pens.  Available in 9 color options.

3. LOTIONS / SOAPS - Meyer Lemon Gift Set by Williams Sonoma ($69.95): Includes Meyer Lemon scented hand soap, hand lotion and candle.  Also includes signature striped dishcloth – all packaged in a cool (reusable) wood crate.

4. STATIONERY - Green Goodie Bag by Carde Blanche ($45): Includes Hello blank notecards, metallic gold pen, emerald green Le Pen, gold foil Haute Papier notebook, two dozen green pearl brads, sealing wax kit (a kit within a kit), Russell & Hazel sticky notes, and gold eyeliner from Sephora.

5. MAKEUP - Stila Artist Signature Set at Sephora ($185): (Just typing this makes me want to buy it.)  Includes: 15 lip glazes, 12 eyeshadows, 4 cheek colors, 3 smudge crayons, 8 eyeliners, a step-by-step look book with tips and tricks.

When discussing the obsession of kits and kaboodles with a known kit-ster, her opinion is that its simply part of one’s DNA.  “Some get it and some just benefit from those who have varying degrees of kit-readiness.  I think it is a continuum from ‘gets it’ all the way to pathological, i.e. having both a snake bite kit and shark bite kit in a backpack on the same day.”

Feel free to add your favorite kit to the list in the comments below.  One can never be too well-prepared while on a hike or when in need of a hostess's just basic eti-kit.

Candidly yours,