BE MY GUEST: No Text Tuesday by Tonya Kauffman

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My name is Tonya and I have a deep passion for my family, my friends, pretty things, design and…paper.  As owner and designer at Toluka Paper , I work to make it my mission to share this passion with others and to share with them the importance of the written note.  Not only it is a way to express yourself and your feelings, but it can also make such a difference in the life of the recipient!

No Text Tuesday started when I found I was sending text messages to say 'I’m thinking about you,' 'congrats on your big day' etc., and realized those feelings are MUCH more heartfelt when sent in a note – on paper.  I realized it only takes 5 minutes out of my day to 'make' someone else's entire day.  Plus, when a text message is received it is most likely read and then the reader goes on with their day.  It’s not very special. 

When a note arrives in the mail, it’s an event!  The anticipation of opening the envelope and wondering what’s inside is not a feeling felt when the buzz of your phone alerts you to another text message.  Your note is tangible and can be placed anywhere…on the fridge, on your desk or nightstand.  Those special notes can even be framed!  It serves as a reminder of the sentiments you cared enough to send.  Most importantly it isn't read, then passed over and quickly forgotten.


After I was hit with these thoughts I started No Text Tuesday as a reminder to myself to send notes using pen and paper instead of text messages or email.  Sometimes it’s a thank you note or little package, but my favorite is to send one for no reason at all!  I told some friends about my mission and they thought the reminders were a great idea and wanted to see them too.  That’s when I started posting #notexttuesday reminders to social media every Tuesday.  I’ll even receive a reminder from followers about the posting if I forget.  I’m glad it’s having an impact on others.

Do you want to incorporate No Text Tuesday into your weekly routine?  Here are some tips that will make it quick, easy and still heartfelt:


1.     Keep everything you need to send your notes in one place, a drawer, a nice tin or file folder.  Having a process will hinder procrastination!  I have a designated drawer in my desk that has my stationery, favorite pens, and other fun embellishments (washi tape, stickers, return address labels and most importantly, STAMPS!  The number one reason for not sending a note is not having stamps on hand.

2.     Set aside 5 minutes on Tuesdays to write your note.  Follow Toluka Paper on Facebook and Instagram for weekly reminders!

3.     As your week progresses and you think about sending a note, write it down in one place (I choose my planner and write it on the page of the next Tuesday) as a reminder of who you wanted to send a note to and why.

There you have it.  This is my personal mission…to keep in touch and share my feelings the ‘old school’ way and hope that those thoughts, ideas and sentiments will make someone’s day.  Maybe along the way I will spark and inspire others to put down their phones, grab a pen and write a note instead!