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I’m Suzanne Clayton, a mom, wife and marketing jock for WIN Home Inspection of San Ramon, California (  I’m also a die-hard lover of everything Carde Blanche.  Marketing for me means getting our name out there.  What are my favorite tools?  Food?  Yes.  Hand-written notes?  Absolutely!  The food comes and goes, but the notes?  They are hand written every week and I love that time!

It’s November 21st and I did it!  I can’t believe I did it!  Read EXCITED, in bold

You know those times…those times when you accomplish something and you still can’t believe you did it?  I’m there.  I’m here.  I feel it.  I’m living it.  I picture Jennifer Garner in Catch and Release sitting at the dinner table…


I ran the report and totaled it up: 160 business Christmas cards to write this year.  Don’t get me wrong, I really was so grateful.  I was also freak’in 160 is a big number.

Let me back up a bit.

September came and I knew what I wanted.  I could see it, the perfect Christmas card. I wanted easy, simple, and clean.  It was a custom design for Carde Blanche and Lori nailed it.  I loved it.  All I had to do was write each one of those 160 cards. 

You should know, I always start out over the top excited.  I learned, a long time ago, half of note writing is LOVING the note you’re writing it on.  Got it. Check.  I’m still learning, though, to break large tasks into small tasks so they actually get done…you know, not end up on a revolving to-do list.

OK, so far, easy.  My goal? Write 10 cards a day for 16 days.  I wanted them done before we left for Thanksgiving.  These are just half of the Christmas cards I send out each year.  My personal cards come next.  Ten cards per day seemed reasonable.  But honestly, not really.  I was breaking the task up but it still felt overwhelming.

Never underestimate a 17 year old!  My daughter’s wonderful friend said, “just do 5 in the morning and 5 at night.” I could do that.  And not only could I do that, I was REALLY excited to do that.  Game back on! 

So, here I sit, 16 days later, 160 Christmas cards hand written and I smile when I think about each and everyone of them.  

But why is this so important?  What does this really have to do with the success letter writing has filtered into our business?  I could sell anyone on the value of a handwritten note.  A hand written note is a personal touch. Period. It’s part of building a relationship.  Businesses have lost that. We want it back!

Christmas cards are just one of the reasons to drop clients a note.  Let’s face it, we appreciate their business and want them to know it. Our words in our own handwriting communicate that fact perfectly.

If you want to produce a note of appreciation, from your heart, you have to be able to write it.  Which means you need a card you love!  It’s not about checking it off your to-do list.  It’s about truly coming from gratitude.  It’s building and maintaining your business. 

The personal relationship with our clients is what has set our business apart.  Hand written notes are part of that relationship.  I dedicate time every week to send them. It’s essential to our relationships.  Successful businesses build relationships that endure time.

Special.  Appreciated.  Acknowledged. 

I can think of a million reasons to drop someone a note.  Ok, maybe not a million but at least several. 

Christmas is just one.