FRIDAY FINDS: An Alternative

We walk.  We run.  We do Yoga.  We add in Spinning, Cross-Fit and Boot Camp for balance.  We buy tennis shoes, running shoes, cross-trainers and Uggs (to take us to and from the Yoga studios).  How about the secondary wardrobe it takes to be athletic these days? We stock up on sports bras, leggings, crop pants, hoodies, headbands, and mats.  The variety is endless.  The stores designated to these products are almost as popular as the trendy coffee shops.  Stepping foot in these stores will definitely break the bank…and that’s just for one complete outfit.

“Trendy” is the optimal word here.

For as long as I can remember, Nike and Adidas manufactured and sold running tights, shorts, and crop pants.  They cornered the market on athletic socks and shoes.  How do I know?  I grew up walking the aisles of a family owned sporting goods store.  These brands, along with Champion, worked for just about every sport offered at the gym or high school.

Fast forward to today.

The specialty stores have the same type of items, just sold with better ‘wicking’ material, a ‘breathable’ quality, and ‘thumb’ openings.  These public descriptions are standard.  It’s the manufacturer’s trade secrets that seem to drive the prices up.  Nonetheless, we are paying top dollar to get and stay in shape.  I fall into this category (or trap) just like the next guy.  Somehow, the phrase, “you get what you pay for” rings in my ears if I start browsing the discount stores.  But, I can also attest to quality standing the test of time.  I still have a sports bra in my drawer that I wore while pregnant with my oldest daughter.  Do I have to tell you how long ago that was?  Suffice it to say, she’s in high school.


So, what’s the point to this post?  I think I have found an alternative for some of the items that contribute to our expensive second wardrobe.  I will continue to buy the probably-too-expensive yoga pants that fit the best and make me feel like I am more flexible and athletic, but will now shop around for the tops and hoodies.  It’s all about cost averaging.  Decide which of your workout items you are willing to fork over the big bucks for, then commit to enhancing your outfit with more affordable accouterments.

These Half-Zip Pullovers from the GapFit line totally rock.  They are comfortable (56% polyester, 36% nylon and 8% spandex…they won’t shrink), breathable and have slots for my thumbs.  They are long, but not too long.  They keep me warm as long as I’m not heading to the North Pole (or the East Coast).  Most importantly, they fit into my monochromatic color scheme of late and are perfectly priced at $49.95.

Next time you’re in need of a new hoodie or workout garment…consider the alternative to the big names.  You may find yourself as satisfied and left with a few extra dollars to reward yourself with the now popular Super Food Smoothies, apparently a requirement post-workout!

Candidly yours,


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