Friday Finds: Black and White

 This one is mine…can't tell you where to get it because then you'll buy it and we'll be twins.

This one is mine…can't tell you where to get it because then you'll buy it and we'll be twins.

We make choices on a daily basis.  We pick out our clothes, makeup, and if you're like me you ponder what pens to write with.  The choices we make for gifts and decorations for our home are endless.  There are trends to follow, Pinterest boards to covet, and dog-eared magazine pages in everyone’s home signifying personal favorites.

But, what is it with constantly defaulting to black and white?  I find myself drawn to these two options more often than not.  Is it because I’m tired of making difficult decisions or committing to a color?  Is it because I know these two will stand the test of time? Four out of five days a week, I’m wearing a different black or gray sweater. (I consider gray a just a variation to black.)  I just bought a new eye shadow from Dior and did a happy dance when I realized the container had a black lid, thinking to myself, “it’ll look good on and in my drawer.”  Am I totally crazy?  Don’t answer that.

  Available   here   at Carde Blanche

Available here at Carde Blanche

I find peace in a minimal decision making process.  I’ve committed to basic black as a default and have not been disappointed.  So why change? When deciding which Lafko Candles to add to the Carde Blanche desk collection, I secretly prayed the black and white options would not be offensive fragrances, as I have a very sensitive sniffer.  Crisis averted.  These two are by far the most popular among retailers…at least that’s what the sales rep said.  Just think of the variety of uses for those glass containers when the candle burns down (after 90+ hours).  Options = endless. Details in a future blog post.

B & W stuff.jpg

Whether it's gifts, notepads, pens or purses, if it’s any shade of black, consider it sold.  How about you?  What color(s) do you gravitate towards regardless of the trends?  Do tell.  It may help move me out of my monochromatic life (that I love).

Candidly yours,


Initial Stationery

The Lango Messenger

Dior Eye Shadow (Mirage Taupe)

Black Le Pen

Christian Lacroix Notebook