By definition, Surplus is something that remains above what is used; an amount greater than needed.  At Carde Blanche, we specialize in custom invitations for lifecycle events such as Weddings, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, Anniversaries and Birthdays.  We match colors, coordinate envelopes and embellishments, and always have enough supplies for unexpected additions to your guest list.

That being said, our surplus of supplies is starting to take over the space allocated.  We've decided to share these extras at a discounted price, as we know there are lots of designers and DIY'ers that may only need 25 Aubergine colored envelopes…not the entire box of 200.  Our surplus is ever changing, so if you see what you need, grab it before it's gone.

If you're note sure about the color, texture, or size, request a sample.  We'll send it to you free.  We know it's not only important that the colors match, but touching the actual product helps verify the quality.

Should you ever need a certain color envelope or ribbon, contact us here, because it's likely we have a surplus.  Until then, check out our current supply of Surplus items here.

Candidly yours,