FRIDAY FINDS: Dry Hand Drudgery

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I know this may seem like a silly topic to bring to your attention…but it’s not if you work in the paper industry.  In fact, I’m sure I just gained readership with the picture of hand cream alone.  Some may say, ‘finally, the inside scoop on which hand cream to use.’  Unfortunately, I have no trade secrets for you.  I’m only able to offer up experience and a few limited solutions.

Let’s start with the basic problems:

 - too many hand creams have a strong fragrance (note similarity to lip-gloss problem)

 - most leave your hands so greasy you have to wash them after application

 - anything you touch after applying hand cream leaves a snail trail

Anyone working with paper, stationery, gift-wrap, packaging, bagging, etc., knows that the more you handle these product, the dryer your hands get.  However, slathering on hand cream during office hours may grant you a fine from Quality Control (for soiled products).  Hand creams designed to aid in dry and cracking skin will leave a greasy print behind on anything you touch after applying.  See the conundrum here?

FF hand cream.jpg

I cannot sell stationery or custom invitations with my fingerprints smudged on the corners or packaging.  With the impending winter weather (dry and cold), I’m faced again with how to prevent my hands from looking like the Mohave desert.

Because I am super sensitive (bordering on offended) by fragrant filled creams, my options are limited.  I have tried all three products above.  Here are my conclusions:


This lives down stairs in ‘my cabinet’ (where I keep my keys, sunglasses, extra gum, etc.)  I will use this in the morning while having coffee and getting the tenants (kids /husband) out the door.  By the time I hit the desk and have work to do, I’ve literally wiped my hands on a dish town 3-5 times.  So, I’m moisturized and smudge-free before touching paper.  BONUS: it’s SPF 25 – so if you leave the house and drive Mario Andretti style – your hands are protected.


I have to say, this one is the perfect size for your purse.  You know that inside pocket too small for your cell phone?  It’s for this…your hand cream.  Even though my kids claim it smells like baby powder (not), I can get away with a small squirt before or after lunch, while running errands and not leave my mark behind.


This tube of glorious goodness is in my bedside table.  I will squeeze a nickel-sized dollop in my hand and caress, rub, massage until it’s all worked in.  I let that those wonderful ingredients work their magic overnight.  My only fear is that my hands will make their way to my face while sleeping and leave me with an acne breakout by morning.  Do you think there’s a face protector out there I can use that won’t interfere with my breathing?  Let me know.

Candidly yours,