FRIDAY FINDS: Hugger Mugger Cover

Say that three times fast!  I’m excited to share this Friday Find with you, and have been since Monday when it was discovered.

Upon entering the yoga studio, I noticed a bright and fresh appearance to our neatly stacked bolsters.  After taking a second look, I realized our bolsters had been recovered with this beautiful, soft, bright felt material.  After asking a few questions, I found out it was at the hands of the very talented yogini / teacher, Patricia Maruko.

photo 4.JPG

Yahoo.  For those of us with our own mats, we know there can be a small sensitivity in sharing props that we all lay on, sit on, and roll on.  With the Hugger Mugger Cover, the bolters look, feel, and smell fresh and new.  Best of all, the covers can be laundered on a regular basis.  If I have an OCD flare-up, I can buy my own cover and schlep it along with my mat.  Problem solved.

Patricia has offered to sell these to loyal fans, friends and followers of Candid and Carde Blanche for $25 each, plus shipping.  They will be available in: burgundy, olive, blue, purple, raspberry, rose, and jade.  The fit on the Hugger Mugger bolsters which are 27” long and 31” in circumference.

For questions and further information on how to order your very own Hugger Mugger Cover, please contact us here.  Namaste.


Candidly yours,