FRIDAY FINDS: Put a name on it

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Feel free to hum your best Beyonce before continuing…

Let’s face it everyone likes to see their name in lights.  Unfortunately, we all can’t make it to Broadway.  We can, however, be proud of who we are and what we do by showcasing our names and initials in a few subtle ways. Ok, maybe not so subtle…


As for personalization around the house, I have to say that West Elm has done a fantastic job of keeping their selection limited and useful.  You know you’ve found the right item when you’re pondering how to justify buying one for yourself and one as a gift.  A monogrammed pillow is a nice way to add seasonal color to any room.   

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Jewelry is another area we are allowed show off the alphabet.  No one is going to criticize you for wearing the names of your children around your neck.  As a loyal customer of Hayjac Designs, I can attest to the awesomeness of their gold and sterling silver bracelets and necklaces.  With their add-ons, you can customize your order with charms for birthstones, pets, religion and sports.  These make perfect gifts for friends, sisters, mothers and daughters.


Speaking of the holidays and gift giving, remember it’s the small details that matter.  We all know that…even if we don’t admit it.  For your next party, why not kick it up a notch and hand your guests a monogrammed coaster with their glass of wine or cocktail.  They’ll momentarily forget that they’re not in the finest restaurant.  Hopefully, you only invite careful sippers – as you may get to repurpose each coaster.  More bang for your buck.  Check out Emily McCarthy’s Shoppe here – I know you’ll be including those Swizzle sticks with your order.  Don’t ponder…just do it (a la Nike). 


You already know about my love for stationery.  Whatever it takes, write a letter, save a postal worker, make someone’s day.  Sorry, I digress here a little…can’t help it.  Seriously though, monogrammed and personalized stationery is one way to make up for the fact that your mom gave your name a creative spelling not easily found on name plate, coffee mugs or at Hallmark stores.  Carde Blanche lets you spell out your first, middle and last name on most collections of stationery.  Choose your favorite color and start shopping.


To circle back around to West Elm...they've really got the goods at a reasonable price.  These Baggu Tote bags came in a variety of colors and sizes.  Your kids all need their own sleepover bags.  That's it.  No more borrowing mom's.  I was sold as soon as I laid eyes on that gold panel along the bottom.  Sold.  I'll take one with and "E" and one with and "O" this season.

With Hanukkah starting the day before Thanksgiving (yes, you read right), I’ve got to step away from blogging and start shopping.

Candidly yours,