FRIDAY FINDS: The Hello Kitty Encounter

This post is literally about a true find, my Hello Kitty Collection.  I won’t skirt around the issue, it all started in 1976 with the original Stapler.  Believe it or not, it still has staples inside.  My love for collecting Hello Kitty items was known to all who knew me.  I had an ongoing wish list that consisted of both Hello Kitty and Little Twin Stars kits, papers, stamps, pens and pencils.  Come on…you know you’re getting tingly inside just thinking about your own collections and wondering what ever happened to them.

ff hello kitty.jpg

While I’m thrilled at the thought of using those relatively sharp pencils today, I’m disappointed that I didn’t truly enjoy them to the fullest extent in my childhood years.  That notebook is 80% full of blank pages.  The sewing kit is still complete with needles, thread and extra buttons and snaps.  This begs the question of why?

Since making the discovery, I’ve pondered the reasons behind the careful protection of this collection and gracefully acknowledged that, “hindsight is 20-20.”

ANGER - At my siblings for wanting to use my Hello Kitty stuff because it was more neat and organized than their own

  20-20: I may have missed out on lots of make-believe time with my sisters in the world of Sanrio

FEAR - Of not being able to properly sharpen the pencils again if we used them

  20-20: who cares, at least I would have enjoyed coloring in those notebooks

PARANOIA - Of running out of those printed papers in the structured boxes

  20-20: imagine the letters I could have written to my family and friends

CURRENT GUILT - Of not wanting to give this collection to my own daughters when they were younger to fully enjoy

  20-20: now two generations have missed out on the happiness of Hello Kitty

Although looking at my Hello Kitty Collection makes me smile (and want to make a quick trip to the Sanrio store), I’m also embarrassed about my selfish tendencies and the lost opportunities to enjoy each and every coveted and collected item.  Hmmm?  There’s definitely a life lesson here.

Moving forward, I pledge to live in the moment.  I will use my favorite collectibles until the ink runs dry or the last page of the notebook is written in.  I will share my toys, makeup, purses and hot tamales, as long as it brings pleasure to those who ask.

And to answer my daughter’s question when this collection was discovered, “Hey Mom, do you think I can give these to my kids?” ABSOLUTELY! 

Candidly yours