FRIDAY FINDS: The Ultimate Tank

friday finds.jpg

Don’t worry, I promise you I have not made the bait and switch to becoming a fashion blogger (cue Seinfeld: “not that there’s anything wrong with it.”).  I merely feel obligated to share with you one of the single most important items of clothing found in my dresser: a cotton tank top.

Get Tanked.jpg

I’m not ashamed to admit that I own every single one of the above samples.  I wear them at least seven out of twelve months and replace them once a year.  While this may sound like the biggest plug for Gap Body by The Gap, I can assure you I have not received any samples, sales or coupons for this post (although I wish I would).  This is simply me sharing a necessity with you.  I’m actually sorry I’ve waited this long to tell you about this fabulous find.

Here are the facts:

  • No itchy tags
  • 93% cotton and 7% spandex…you don’t need Math Degree to know that’s amazing
  • Washer and dryer friendly – no shrinkage here (more Seinfeld…)
  • They are long enough to tuck in and stay put
  • They are thin enough to wear under a sweater, dress, or long-sleeve t-shirt and not cause claustrophobia

That’s just off the top of my head…I could easily add a few more reasons.  Oh, yea, and they are only $14.95 each.  The Gap appropriately describes them as, “irresistibly soft and smooth, you'll turn to this cami again and again for everyday layering.” Need I say more?  Ok, I will.

Let’s talk functionality.  The ultimate tank must serve several purposes to warrant that kind of lofty title and get a dedicated blog post.  After yoga, coffee and a shower, I launch into my daily to-do list.  Not wanting to keep the heat running at 70 all day just to take the chill off, I smartly layer my clothes.  The ultimate tank goes on after the bra and under anything else.  On with the day. 

By day’s end, I’m certainly ready for my comfies and a glass of wine.  I hang up the sweater and jeans, strategically slip off the bra without removing the tank (think any romantic comedy…all actresses can do this), put on a pair of pajama bottoms, bathrobe, and my Ugg slippers.  On with the evening.  Then lights out…the tank is now part of my sleeping attire.

The next day I decide to go for an early morning stroll to Peet’s for coffee.  What do I do?  Strategically slip off the straps of my ultimate tank, slip on a sport’s bra, slip the straps back up, put on an oversized sweatshirt, beanie and gloves and head straight to the coffee shop.  I couldn’t be more comfortable and warm.

By the time I get home, that incredible tank top has served three purposes without even being asked twice.  I kindly reward it with a wash, splash of Downy Spring Garden, and start the same cycle over again with the next one in the pile.

Don’t just take my word for it, my testimony, my passion for these tank tops.  Try them yourself.  For $14.95, you can give up a few grande lattes and conduct your own test.  You won’t be sorry.  You’re only regret will be if you don’t order one in at least every staple color: black, white and gray.

Join me for the monochromatic life of getting tanked.  You won’t need AA for this daily buzz!



PS For my male readers, treat your mother, sisters, and daughters to these tanks…you’ll be the hero.

PSS Let me make it easy for you.  Grab the Pure Body Tank right here and the Pure Body Cami here.