Dear Platinum,

Let me start by telling you how much I have loved being with you these past eight months.  It’s been fun and exciting...never a dull moment.  Everyone should experience a relationship like ours at least once in a lifetime.

While we were together, there was never a shortage of conversation. It impressed me that the attention you received never went to your head.  I am grateful to have known your bright, shiny, and edgy personality.  While I had hoped my commitment to the process would have helped us last longer, I’m afraid that recent turn of events indicate otherwise.

I’ve started to notice you breaking away lately...a little at a time.  Are you giving me a sign?  There also seems to be physical changes that concern me. You seem somewhat stubborn and appear a little brittle.  It makes me question the integrity of our relationship.  And, to be honest, I’ve been warned this could happen with you over time.  I’m sorry to say, you have a reputation and it seems clear you are now breaking up with me.

So, after some tears, soul searching, and acceptance, I’ve decided to move on and go back to my roots. I know, a little dull and non-descript, but it allows me to start all over with a clean slate.  (Keep cutting comments to yourself.)

Please know that my future relationships will all be compared to you.  If you see me around town, please don’t show-off who you’re with.  I can already say, I’ll be sick with jealousy.   Although, it’s a good thing I’m not too picky, as I’ll continue to seek out someone short like you.  No offense…it happens to be one of the things I loved most about you.

In case you care, here are some of my current prospects.  Do you know any of them?  I’m even open to your choppy seconds.

less is more.jpg

All my love,


PS I miss you already and you’re still here.