MONDAY MADNESS: Literally Maddening

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Time to come clean.  I, too, ‘put off until tomorrow what I should do today.’  This really refers to yesterday, Sunday.  Today is definitely going to be Monday Madness around here.  I had it all mapped out.  I knew I had the time.  Sunday was going to be about tackling my to-do list, which was quite long.

Believe it or not, however, going to the mall was nowhere on the list.  Why then did I find myself in lines consuming two precious hours of my day?  I was supposed to be home at the table in production mode.  There were large invitation orders that needed completing, there were customers anxious to get thank you notes designed, and there were new customers waiting to see samples for their upcoming events.  This is exactly the kind of ‘busy’ I love.


There’s no question that the paper pushing production would commence after my Sunday routine of bundling up for walk a to Peet’s for coffee.  I felt like the Mayor when I got there…as they all said hello to me by name despite my random outfit of mismatched sweats, a hand-knitted scarf, gloves, and a beanie that supports the local high school.  I was fairly certain that I was incognito when I left the house.  It didn’t matter, the staff couldn’t have been nicer and the coffee was strong, satisfying, and dependable.

When I returned home, coming in through the garage, I noticed the patio cushions propped against every wall, box and cabinet we own.  They were drying out from a recent flash flood.  Ok…it was just a storm and it was over two weeks ago.  It was time they were properly bagged and put away.  This shouldn’t have taken long.  But, one hour later and I was still sweeping the garage after moving all the cushions.

When that task was finally done, I knew it was time to launch the smooth jazz and get started on the paper projects.

cat food.jpg

Unfortunately, the cats were out of food.  I had to run to PetSmart to replace the organic, non-filling, grain and gluten-free variety they had become accustom to.  While out I decided to grab a few updated (and hopefully already on sale) uniform colored ornament balls for the Christmas tree my husband was picking up.   We’re a little tardy on tree trimming this year so I planned for plain in color, design and lights.  Surprising?  After going to World Market and Target (two hours lost), I had come home with my idea of simplicity and a bag of gold balls.  Some were shiny.  Some were matte.  Some had glitter.  But someone thought I had completely lost my marbles.

gold balls 2.jpg

Absolutely not!  That is not how we do Christmas.  That is not our tradition.  We don’t change the tree.”  This all came from the child who doesn’t notice if there are eight empty water bottles in her room that create an obstacle course from the door to the bed (and doesn’t see a problem with that when brought to her attention).  But she noticed a difference in the plan for a tree that would only be with us for a few weeks!  Huh?

We went back and forth about the tree for at least 30 minutes (again, not on the to-do list) before compromising with most of the gold balls and some sentimental ornaments that she got to choose.  The tree turned out beautiful and bright.  But the invitations still weren’t stuffed.

While the soothing Christmas music was playing in the background, I noticed the time.  It was already 4:00pm.  The chances of those big tasks getting done were waning.  The house now had pine needless and glitter everywhere, the castaway ornaments needed to be put away and I needed to nudge the ‘tenants’ to stop fluffing their laundry and finish it instead.

happy notes.jpg

I took refuge in my office and made a new list.  I pulled out a gold-foiled postcard with a spot for today’s date and who it was to.  I wrote ‘do’ after To: and noted 12/15/13 as the date.  Then I proceeded to make a list of smaller jobs that still could be done by the end of the day:

  • Complete UCLA themed holiday gift
  • Print thank-you note sample in silver and navy blue to match invitations
  • Finish addressing family holiday cards
  • Clean up office desk

This was definitely more manageable.  Writing down to clean off my desk allowed me to take pleasure in checking off at least one task for the day.  I let the background Christmas music remind me to enjoy this time of year regardless of how much I accomplish each day.  Today may be maddening and I may not leave the house.  But I’m determined to change that commonly used phrase by including a small addendum.

“Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.  If you have to, simply adjust the list and shout Yippee Kai Yay!”

Candidly Yours,


Sunday Sources: Target, PetSmart, Anthropologie (from another distracting chore day)