MONDAY MADNESS: What time is it?


Good Morning.

“Wait.  What time is it?  It’s so dark outside.  I thought it was supposed to be lighter earlier?  Or is it supposed to be lighter later?”

It’s 6:30am.  Does that mean it’s really 7:30am outside or 5:30am outside?  I can’t keep it straight.  All I know is I’m tired, it’s dark and I need coffee.

What’s the point of changing the clocks?  Or better yet, what’s the point of disrupting our (ok, my) sleep pattern?  Daylight Savings Time (DST) occurs the first Sunday in March and runs through the first Sunday in November.  We set our clocks ahead one hour during the warmer part of the year so the evenings have more daylight.  Ok, this makes sense.  Arizona and Hawaii have opted out of this ‘longer, hotter days’ for obvious reasons.

DST is great for baseball season (go Oakland), outdoor BBQ’s, and simply not feeling tired at 7:30pm when it seems like 10:30pm.  I love the idea of longer days.   Now, I won’t feel like putting on my pajamas before dinner.  Hopefully, this additional hour of daylight will allow me to be more productive with my to-do list.  It’s just a struggle with the initial loss of one hour of precious sleep…a commodity hard to come by, the older I get.

How about you?  Any residual effects of losing an hour of sleep this morning?  Were you sleepwalking through the morning routine?  Or, are you the ‘up-and-at-em’, no problem kind?  Let us know how you’re doing this fine Monday morning…second day of DST, first day back to work.

While you type, I’ll be in the kitchen brewing another cup of coffee?

Sleepily yours,